Are you thinking about taking a wine tour in Perth? With so many wine tours operating all over the place it can be difficult choosing one which is right for you. However, keeping the following tips in mind would help you do so with ease.

You can choose a wine tour based on the tour type you have in mind. You can choose from any of the following tours.

  • Private wine tours Swan Valley: this kind of wine tour is perfect for couples. If you are looking for a romantic way to celebrate your love, a private tour is what you really need. A full day tour is a good option. You can choose a winery of your choice and expect the right kind of attention from your tour guide. A private tour works well for intimate friends gathering as well.
  • A group wine tour: if you are a people’s person than a group wine tour is your thing. Travelling in large groups can be fun as you interact with other people and enjoy the amazing beauty of the picturesque wineries. Also if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with your group of friends, a group wine tour can be just about perfect. It’s great for bridal parties or girls out on a hen night. You could choose an evening wine tour and have a great time sipping delicious wine and dining on fine food amidst the classic beauty of the wineries.
  • Corporate wine tours: in order to boost employee morale or to offer a bonus to the staff members, a corporate wine tour can be easily organised. Corporate groups of any size can be accommodated along the tour.

When you choose any f the above mentioned wine tours you might be asked the following questions. Make sure you give well thought out answers to find the tour which is perfect for you and your group.

  • Have you been on a wine tour before? This would give some depth to whether you should choose a complete day tour or a half day tour
  • How much do you really like wine? Are you a novice or you are a connoisseur? Not everyone enjoys wines and not everyone has the same palate. These question are asked only to judge which kind of tour would be perfect for you. There are special tours for beginners too, so make sure you know which type you would prefer.
  • Would you just like a specific wine tour or you are interested in sightseeing and other adventures t the winery as well
  • How many people would be accompanying you on the tour, plus if you are travelling with kids would you be bringing them along. Certain tours offer activities for the children as well. Choose a tour which is more family oriented if children are accompanying you.
  • The budget that you have in mind. Different wine tours cost different so choose one which you can afford and enjoy.