Jet ski tours is a type of motorsport in waters for fun and sporting activities using a water jet. They are thrilling fast and adventurous for first times and even long-time jet lovers. It is an opportunity you will not want to miss out when you are down here in Gold Coast. The adventurous activity is a diverse sport for all people in different age ranges and different Jet Ski levels.


Safety rules and precautions before Jet Skiing

Riding on a Jet Ski is one of the thrilling experiences you will never want to miss in the waters. It is obvious that many people don’t stick to the rules and safety precautions until they face the real accident. You get fun and exciting until someone is hurt, that is when we look back and learn safety measures and precautions. It is extremely important to ride on a manageable cruise and riding close to the shores for the new Jet Ski riders.

The following are some of the safety tips you should care to think of before getting into adventure;


  • Life jacked: No matter the colour or style as long as they are a lifesaver, thrusting a drowned individual on to the water surface for a breath of life when an accident occurs. By thrusting you up within seconds before you lose a breath.


  • Implement all the vehicle safety precautions, follow all the rules and regulations before you touch the ignition for a cruise experience like safety belts, handlebars of the craft attaching to the wrist in case you go overboard. The lanyard is called cord kill which you can use to operate the Jet Ski even when you have gone overboard, by deactivating the ride. This way the cord will control the Ski Jet to avoid injuring others.

  • Stay alert: Keep the focus on the ride and don’t be swayed to look sideways because doing so could lead to errors and errors could be detrimental in this case. Keep your hands on the handle no matter what happens around. Watch out for other features like boats, skiers, divers, swimmers in your area, etc.


  • Don’t drink and Jet: This rule is obvious but more often than not, the rule is overlooked. You could hear someone say “a little sip is no harm” but yes it is, it causes judgment impairment. Taking a few beers before jetting looks fascinating, but injury possibilities are not. Even for the passengers; they are not allowed to break the rules.


  • Don’t get too cocky: Shouldn’t ride after the waves of a ramping motor jet because you might get yourself flying overboard. They could get you flowing in the wrong direction or even worse; upside down.


  • Different Jet Ski models have different riding instructions and experience, get to know a model first before riding, you shouldn’t assume that they are all the same, assumption might cost you a life or cause unforgettable accidents.


  • Jet ski tours from Gold Coast Water Sports are designed for pocket-friendly conscious first-time riders, depending on the number of hours taken in the cruise. You can Jet Ski for as long as your budget allows you to have fun and be excited. If you are not an experienced rider, you can choose to be a passenger of a specialist who will train you well.