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Recreation has as its purpose the improvement of the quality of life of people and the prevention of discomfort through the creation of educational , educational and cultural service sfor the whole family.

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Ricreazione is a social cooperative that since 2008 has been active in the creation of well-being through the planning and management of educational and cultural services for the whole family. Recreation comes from the professionalism and experience of some women who have been involved in socio-educational projects for years. In these years, Recreation has become a living reality, in continuous growth and has made the offer of quality services become its strong point.


SILVESTRO CAT !! STUDIOLAB is a service of the Recreation Cooperative dedicated to the family! A valid help in the management of time for the “ after school ” of their children for the performance of their homeworkand study !


Theater visits

A tourist guide and an actress in period costume will lead you to the discovery of historical artistic routes integrated by theatrical moments related to the chosen itinerary.

Animated readings

i like TO TELL !!! We like doing it in libraries, in the streets, in the squares, in schools, in theaters … we like to do it especially with children, where the game of pretend becomes a serious matter.

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This is why we carry out projects that promote the overall development of the individual through the implementation of the active education method, the promotion of personal research, the comparison with the historical-artistic heritage and the relationship with others.

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Recreation. Quality leisure time!

Ricreazione is a social cooperative that since 2008 has been active in the creation of well-being through the planning and management of educational and cultural services for the whole family. Recreation comes from the professionalism and experience of some women who have been involved in socio-educational projects for years. 

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Parks and recreation services touch the lives of so many in West Vancouver.

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3 Things You Can Plan in a Day Tour to Adelaide

3 Things You Can Plan in a Day Tour to Adelaide

Adelaide is an amazing site with stunning landscapes, multiple activities to indulge in and great weather to enjoy. Located in South Australia, this is one of the most visited sites in the entire region. The entire idea is to enjoy everything you need during a day’s tour in one location, without spending too much money.

If you’re planning a day tour and want to head over to Adelaide, you’re on the right track. There are many things you can do while in the city without moving around too much and spending too much money. Here are three major attractions you can accomplish in one day at Adelaide:

1. Murray River

If you’re on a one day trip to Adelaide, cruising across the Murray river is your best option. Not only would you get to enjoy the amazing weather, the wind in your hair and the pleasant atmosphere around you is just what you need to let all the stress go.

Adelaide day tours Murray River will let you become a part of this amazing journey without spending too much money or time on a vacation. You will also notice how quickly relieved and energized you will feel.

 2. Adelaide Central Market

Bursting with colors, flavors, aromas and culture, this is the central location for all tourists. Featuring culture from all over the region, this is a market that ensures a lively experience for all those who are visiting for the first time. This market features multiple eating joints, shopping centers and even communication places for tourists.

Featuring fresh produce right out of the farms, this is where you will be able to taste the berries you’ve missed in your homeland. You can pick up the fresh fruit and enjoy the pleasurable taste in your mouth without having to travel anywhere else. From shopping for fashion items to keeping in touch with their heritage and culture, this is the market for everything.

3. Adelaide Zoo

If you’re all about wildlife and want to experience amazing animals and their lifestyles, this is where you must go. From massive pandas to huge birds, you will be enlightened with hundreds of species of animals conserved under one roof. The amazing thing about visiting this zoo is having a chance to enjoy wildlife without endangering yourself. You will not have to go to a safari park or feel threatened.

Just visiting this zoo will make you enjoy being a part of the lifestyle the animals are living. You will also enjoy passing through colorful birds, amazing kinds of animals and hundreds of species living together, peacefully. If your partner or child loves animals, this is the best treat you can give them. This zoo is filled with animals of different kinds.

What do you do during recreation?

The recreation is the time most awaited by all students indeed, even some people in the morning enters only class for her. The boys wait all the time, enjoying the sound of his bell , to take a little ‘thought from the prof and study and relax in the company of their friends. But what do the students do during the recreation?

The BIS – “SCHOLARS” – The campanella of the recreation can be distinguished from the others because it is accompanied by the characteristic screams of jubilation of the boys who, at his sound, start running for the stairs of the school to the bar. And it is there that many can meet the first group of students who are already taking advantage of the recreation. They are the “briscolari” , students who do not care much what time of the year is, or where they are, provided there is a table to play cards. Briscola or tresette, everything is good to be together . You can recognize them from the typical deck of cards that comes out of their backpack pockets.

RECREATION = CONFUSION! – Next to the “briscolari”, among the first rows to grab a snack at the bar, you can see the “confusionari” . This group of students tries to get ahead of the others in the bar to get their snack and go to mess with their friends, even different classes. Listening to music, singing out loud at school hallways or simply screaming for no apparent reason are among their main occupations. We can recognize them from the perpetual laughter that characterizes them when they are in a group.

“COLLABORATIVE” STUDY – In a respectable school there is no shortage of those who, on the other hand, spend their time studying , or better, copying the tasks of the matter of the next hour. Usually, this group remains in its class to repeat for questioning or copying tasks that it did not do the day before. The students who are part of it can be recognized by anxiety and by the labored breathing caused by the fear of not being able to finish before the end of the recreation.

AND YOU? – In short, the ways in which the students decide to spend the time of recreation in addition to those that we have ironically listed are really different. For example, there are those who read, those who love to shut themselves up in their own thoughts , those who wait for this moment to go to the friend of the class next to them and whoever they have, and so forth. One thing is certain: recreation is undoubtedly one of the best moments of the hours spent at school.

Do not take us away from recreation

In the lives of children are the minutiae that count, wrote Antonio Gramsci in Letters from the prison . This is why school recreation is so important for their growth. Because that’s the moment, explain the experts, in which they enjoy themselves, confront each other and then treasure all those “minutiae” that will then serve to structure their behavior. 
A school activity all work and no play can indeed be risky, and the tendency to eliminate leisure time in the places of learning can lead to undisciplined classes and take away from the children the necessary physical exercise and the possibility of socializing.

The time dedicated to the game can therefore be as important as the one spent on the books and helps the young students to give their best in every situation. Parents and teachers, according to the Association of American Paediatricians, should encourage this trend because, as explained, Robert Murray , a professor at Ohio State University: “children need a break between complex cognitive challenges. They tend to be less able to process information if they do not have interruptions ».
Moreover, the benefits of time dedicated to gaming would extend beyond the individual dimension, and US pediatricians agree that participating in recreational activities influences social and emotional development because it helps children to resolve conflicts, especially if it is of unstructured games, and allows them to return to class more ready to learn.

The Ohio State is not the only survey to confirm the importance of the interval. Taking more than 10,000 children between the ages of eight and nine, Dr. Romina Barros and her colleagues at the University of Medicine Albert Einstein in New York noted that those who had a recreation of at least 15 minutes during the day behaved better than those who did not have it. “Available research suggests that this space plays a very important role in the learning, social development and health of elementary school children,” explain the researchers on Pediatrics , published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In spite of the numerous studies supporting the thesis, therefore, many schools are conforming to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, reducing the time devoted to recreation, the creative arts and physical education to focus more on math and reading . “This fact – explain the American experts – is even more serious when analyzed in light of the fact that many children of disadvantaged families are not free to go out for a walk in the neighborhood or even in their own courtyard if not accompanied by an adult. For many of these children, interval minutes at school are the only chance to socialize with peers. ” 

Barros also explained that children from less well-off families are often deprived of recreationbecause “the schools they attend are located in very violent areas and there is concern that they are exposed to fights or shootings during the interval”. These structures are also often overcrowded and the spaces used for recreational moments and physical activity are transformed into new classes.

«The study, to be effective – explains the pedagogist Daniele Novara, founder of the Psycho- Pedagogical Center for the peace and the management of conflicts in Piacenza – on the one hand it needs concentration without background noise, especially if of a technological nature, but also of pauses that allow the neuronal connections to facilitate the memorization of what has been read and studied. For children it is essential that the breaks involve a playful level, especially the body. The child who plays little with the body or with the senses risks to suffer significant blocks in the learning processes. As Jean Piaget said: “Action precedes thought” when it comes to children. I find it very dangerous for the growth and child learning that teachers use as a punishment, at school, suspending recreation “.

The interval is, concludes the expert, a scholastic right, based on respect for deep infantile needs. The learning of children is not encouraged by suppressing play, movement and social interaction with the comrades, but the opposite.

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