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Recreation has as its purpose the improvement of the quality of life of people and the prevention of discomfort through the creation of educational , educational and cultural service sfor the whole family.

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Ricreazione is a social cooperative that since 2008 has been active in the creation of well-being through the planning and management of educational and cultural services for the whole family. Recreation comes from the professionalism and experience of some women who have been involved in socio-educational projects for years. In these years, Recreation has become a living reality, in continuous growth and has made the offer of quality services become its strong point.


SILVESTRO CAT !! STUDIOLAB is a service of the Recreation Cooperative dedicated to the family! A valid help in the management of time for the “ after school ” of their children for the performance of their homeworkand study !


Theater visits

A tourist guide and an actress in period costume will lead you to the discovery of historical artistic routes integrated by theatrical moments related to the chosen itinerary.

Animated readings

i like TO TELL !!! We like doing it in libraries, in the streets, in the squares, in schools, in theaters … we like to do it especially with children, where the game of pretend becomes a serious matter.

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This is why we carry out projects that promote the overall development of the individual through the implementation of the active education method, the promotion of personal research, the comparison with the historical-artistic heritage and the relationship with others.

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Ricreazione is a social cooperative that since 2008 has been active in the creation of well-being through the planning and management of educational and cultural services for the whole family. Recreation comes from the professionalism and experience of some women who have been involved in socio-educational projects for years. 

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Parks and recreation services touch the lives of so many in West Vancouver.

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Best culinary delights offered by Hervey Bay restaurants

Best culinary delights offered by Hervey Bay restaurants

Being home to humpback whales made Hervey Bay one of the top-draw tourist spots in Australia and the world. Yet, the culinary scene on the region’s mainland has people craving for more.

What are the gastronomic delights that can make people come back time and time again? What is so unique about the food served by Hervey Bay restaurants to make a visit compelling? Both tourists and locals want to know where to have dinner in Hervey Bay.

Here is a bird’s eye view of some of the mouth-watering concoctions offered by Hervey restaurants that are unmatched elsewhere in Australia:

Amazing Big Breakfasts meals

Restaurants located on the Hervey Bay’s Esplanade offers amazing big breakfasts meals that will make you come back for more. Some of the appetizing meals available day in and day out at any time of the day include:

  • Famous B&E Gnocchi made of cream, bacon, fried gnocchi, free range egg, and mushrooms
  • Pulled pork all day, every day
  • Weekend servings of Mexican food such as tacos superbly paired with tequila

Shared meals

Meals served along the bay area are complete dining experiences. The ambiance of a beachfront is something that already whets the appetite. Servings by the bucket or shared foods are the mottos given by the meals. This means huge servings of tacos, nachos, seafood platter for two, and tortillas. Shared ambiance and food makes restaurants along the beach hopping every day.


Cook-it-yourself meals

An Italian specialty restaurant has people drooling over its food servings. Not because of the delicious taste but more of the unique way of dining. This is because the restaurant expects you to cook for your meal. Located a bit far from the mainland of Hervey Bay, cook-it-yourself meals have become popular with both locals and tourists. Learning how to cook perfect plates of pastas and pastries gives an entirely new meaning to the dining experience.


Wine and dine

If you can only feel replete with food and wine, some Hervey Bay restaurants are up to par. Some of the best wines in the world paired with the best local produce create a sumptuous unforgettable dining experience.

Burgers and craft beers

Burgers and craft beers go well together. Set in airy balconies and you’ve got it made. Other smoked delights include pulled pork, Cape Byron Beef Brisket, pork ribs, and five different kinds of burgers.


A la carte meals on the waterfront

The pier is where you get to enjoy Bayswater oysters that are sourced locally. The Sea Scallops served with macadamia butter, cauliflower puree, and lemon is to die for. Make short work of extra poundage gain by walking the 868 metres of the pier, open for exploration.


Shopping centre fine dining

Shopping centres, as a rule, are not famous for fine dining experiences. However, a restaurant located in a shopping centre in Hervey Bay is the exception. The spiced natural yoghurt and curried quinoa coconut croquettes are just some of the delightful food experience to have in a shopping centre.


Fine dining

Local produce and fresh seafood is the gastronomic fine dining experience you get from Hervey Bay restaurants. Deliciously spiced chicken, beef short ribs, and lamb shoulder slowly cooked are must-eat fine dining experiences in Hervey Bay.


Wrap up

If you want to experience the best dining experience, Hervey Bay restaurants offer it in spades. We can help you choose the best of the best.

Sydney Boat Hire

Sydney Boat Hire

Life is more than meaningful and vibrant if you live together with your family surrounded by all the gifts of nature.  Consider yourself very lucky because not everyone in this world sleeps while the waves are splashing and hitting the rocks with all its might. It’s a privilege when someone wakes up early in the morning, greeted by the chirping of birds flying over the coastline while a gentle ocean breeze braces your face and lightly caresses your messy hair.

Apart from all these blessings is an option that everybody can’t say “no.” Living within a beachfront makes the ocean your playground and going beyond what’s not seen by your eyes is something that the Sydney Boat Hire can do. Chartering or renting a boat will surely make all the members of the family jump with excitement while thinking of the endless possibilities of communing with nature and of the comfort and beauty that an ocean could offer.

Sydney Boat Hire fulfils the dream not only of the local residents but also with the number of tourist and visitors coming annually. To be a part of this dream and be able to fulfil everything from your adventurous mind, check on the following surprises that Sydney Boat Hire has prepared exclusively for you and your family.

The first choice and the best option

Hiring, chartering, or renting a boat is probably the best decision every Australian has made in preparing for a significant celebration or occasion. Have you ever been thinking about what kind of experience would it be when you welcome the New Year off the coast, with a colourful and simultaneous fireworks display while onboard one of the cruise boats? It is something that money can’t buy. Apart from special occasions, boats for hire also welcome customers to celebrate birthdays, weddings and engagement parties onboard their trusted and reliable sea vessels. It will certainly make the experience unforgettable for both the celebrant and the guests he has invited.

Social cruise

Going out with your friends on a hot summer day off the beach is something that everybody has to look forward to. Beating the heat of the sun with the cool and crisp breeze from the ocean will probably blow away the stress and fatigue that school work has placed on everybody’s brain before the semester breaks. A perfect way to unwind and savor one’s academic achievements in life.

A four-hour charter

This is the most common way of renting or chartering a boat in Sydney. Cruisers usually have the option to choose where on the harbour they would like to establish as a jump off or starting point. To get the most out of it, adventurers would usually prefer to have a full men crew to assist them in many ways while on the cruise and a prior arrangement for food and drinks in order to avoid the burden of preparing it for themselves.

Party cruises

There is always a reason to celebrate. Whether being hired on your dream job or when somebody’s hard work has paid off with a promotion, Sydney Boat Hire will always be here for all your party needs. A party will never be complete without loud music coming from deafening speakers, combined with versatile lighting effects that will surely leave a smile on everybody’s face. Having a party amidst the Sydney Harbour is genuinely one of a kind.

Why you should hire a Fishing Charter

Why you should hire a Fishing Charter

If you are fond of fishing, chances are that you might have already considered hiring a fishing charter in Cairns. However, there are still some people who believe in hiring their own boat and go out fishing with their mates.

For someone who is a seasoned or an experienced skipper, getting your own boat may be all well and good. However if someone is a novice, they would be completely lost when they do that. This I where fishing charters come in.

The following are a few reasons why you should hire a fishing charter in Cairns:

  • The first reason why anyone would choose a fishing charter is their consideration for safety. All skippers are required to ensure that everything for the charter should be ensured of the highest safety standards. Pus the captain and crew have the necessary experience and they know the right ways to ensure your safety. You just need to focus on what the crew has to say and take home your load of fish to enjoy for the day.
  • You dot have to worry about anything besides brining in your hat and sunscreen. Leave the rest of the supplies to the captain and the crew. They provide you with all the necessary fishing gear and tackle. Plus you are also supplied with lunch and bottled water. All you need to do is make a booking and show up at the required destination and time. Leave all the other hassle to your skipper.
  • Plus the crew know of paces where there is plenty of fish for just about everyone. Their ultimate goal is to help you make the biggest catch. Plus if you land one of the big fishes you would definitely be needing their help reeling it in. It’s often a task which is not achieved with ease.
  • Professional fishing charters have all the knowledge regarding the water way which should be chosen to ensure maximum fishing and maintaining safety as well. They can pick any signals at the ocean and also steer the boat to safety when the need arises.
  • Plus they also help advice you on all the best techniques required for catching the fish. Just listening to their advice can help you land a great catch.

How to choose the right fishing charter

Choosing the right fishing charter is easy when you keep the following things in mind

  • Make sure that the charter is nearer to your location. You don’t want to end up either being late or not being able to wake up on time and missing the charter.
  • Get to know what kind of fishing the charter specialises in so that you are not disappointed if you don’t get to catch the particular fish you had in mind.
  • Get to know all the information about the fishing charter. This means getting to know about the captain and the boat as well. You can get all this information from the testimonials left by people who hired the fishing charter in the past.
Choosing the Right Wine Tour

Choosing the Right Wine Tour

Are you thinking about taking a wine tour in Perth? With so many wine tours operating all over the place it can be difficult choosing one which is right for you. However, keeping the following tips in mind would help you do so with ease.

You can choose a wine tour based on the tour type you have in mind. You can choose from any of the following tours.

  • Private wine tours Swan Valley: this kind of wine tour is perfect for couples. If you are looking for a romantic way to celebrate your love, a private tour is what you really need. A full day tour is a good option. You can choose a winery of your choice and expect the right kind of attention from your tour guide. A private tour works well for intimate friends gathering as well.
  • A group wine tour: if you are a people’s person than a group wine tour is your thing. Travelling in large groups can be fun as you interact with other people and enjoy the amazing beauty of the picturesque wineries. Also if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with your group of friends, a group wine tour can be just about perfect. It’s great for bridal parties or girls out on a hen night. You could choose an evening wine tour and have a great time sipping delicious wine and dining on fine food amidst the classic beauty of the wineries.
  • Corporate wine tours: in order to boost employee morale or to offer a bonus to the staff members, a corporate wine tour can be easily organised. Corporate groups of any size can be accommodated along the tour.

When you choose any f the above mentioned wine tours you might be asked the following questions. Make sure you give well thought out answers to find the tour which is perfect for you and your group.

  • Have you been on a wine tour before? This would give some depth to whether you should choose a complete day tour or a half day tour
  • How much do you really like wine? Are you a novice or you are a connoisseur? Not everyone enjoys wines and not everyone has the same palate. These question are asked only to judge which kind of tour would be perfect for you. There are special tours for beginners too, so make sure you know which type you would prefer.
  • Would you just like a specific wine tour or you are interested in sightseeing and other adventures t the winery as well
  • How many people would be accompanying you on the tour, plus if you are travelling with kids would you be bringing them along. Certain tours offer activities for the children as well. Choose a tour which is more family oriented if children are accompanying you.
  • The budget that you have in mind. Different wine tours cost different so choose one which you can afford and enjoy.

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