Adelaide is an amazing site with stunning landscapes, multiple activities to indulge in and great weather to enjoy. Located in South Australia, this is one of the most visited sites in the entire region. The entire idea is to enjoy everything you need during a day’s tour in one location, without spending too much money.

If you’re planning a day tour and want to head over to Adelaide, you’re on the right track. There are many things you can do while in the city without moving around too much and spending too much money. Here are three major attractions you can accomplish in one day at Adelaide:

1. Murray River

If you’re on a one day trip to Adelaide, cruising across the Murray river is your best option. Not only would you get to enjoy the amazing weather, the wind in your hair and the pleasant atmosphere around you is just what you need to let all the stress go.

Adelaide day tours Murray River will let you become a part of this amazing journey without spending too much money or time on a vacation. You will also notice how quickly relieved and energized you will feel.

 2. Adelaide Central Market

Bursting with colors, flavors, aromas and culture, this is the central location for all tourists. Featuring culture from all over the region, this is a market that ensures a lively experience for all those who are visiting for the first time. This market features multiple eating joints, shopping centers and even communication places for tourists.

Featuring fresh produce right out of the farms, this is where you will be able to taste the berries you’ve missed in your homeland. You can pick up the fresh fruit and enjoy the pleasurable taste in your mouth without having to travel anywhere else. From shopping for fashion items to keeping in touch with their heritage and culture, this is the market for everything.

3. Adelaide Zoo

If you’re all about wildlife and want to experience amazing animals and their lifestyles, this is where you must go. From massive pandas to huge birds, you will be enlightened with hundreds of species of animals conserved under one roof. The amazing thing about visiting this zoo is having a chance to enjoy wildlife without endangering yourself. You will not have to go to a safari park or feel threatened.

Just visiting this zoo will make you enjoy being a part of the lifestyle the animals are living. You will also enjoy passing through colorful birds, amazing kinds of animals and hundreds of species living together, peacefully. If your partner or child loves animals, this is the best treat you can give them. This zoo is filled with animals of different kinds.