The recreation is the time most awaited by all students indeed, even some people in the morning enters only class for her. The boys wait all the time, enjoying the sound of his bell , to take a little ‘thought from the prof and study and relax in the company of their friends. But what do the students do during the recreation?

The BIS – “SCHOLARS” – The campanella of the recreation can be distinguished from the others because it is accompanied by the characteristic screams of jubilation of the boys who, at his sound, start running for the stairs of the school to the bar. And it is there that many can meet the first group of students who are already taking advantage of the recreation. They are the “briscolari” , students who do not care much what time of the year is, or where they are, provided there is a table to play cards. Briscola or tresette, everything is good to be together . You can recognize them from the typical deck of cards that comes out of their backpack pockets.

RECREATION = CONFUSION! – Next to the “briscolari”, among the first rows to grab a snack at the bar, you can see the “confusionari” . This group of students tries to get ahead of the others in the bar to get their snack and go to mess with their friends, even different classes. Listening to music, singing out loud at school hallways or simply screaming for no apparent reason are among their main occupations. We can recognize them from the perpetual laughter that characterizes them when they are in a group.

“COLLABORATIVE” STUDY – In a respectable school there is no shortage of those who, on the other hand, spend their time studying , or better, copying the tasks of the matter of the next hour. Usually, this group remains in its class to repeat for questioning or copying tasks that it did not do the day before. The students who are part of it can be recognized by anxiety and by the labored breathing caused by the fear of not being able to finish before the end of the recreation.

AND YOU? – In short, the ways in which the students decide to spend the time of recreation in addition to those that we have ironically listed are really different. For example, there are those who read, those who love to shut themselves up in their own thoughts , those who wait for this moment to go to the friend of the class next to them and whoever they have, and so forth. One thing is certain: recreation is undoubtedly one of the best moments of the hours spent at school.