Hervey bay is known to be one of the best places in the world, to observe the hump back whale in its natural habitat. Why, you might ask? This is because whale watching in itself is a magical experience, one which leaves an impact to last a life time.

There are so many whale watch tours in Australia, you are often spoilt for choice. However, one thing which sets the Hervey bay whale watching tours apart from the rest is the distinctive and unique experience you encounter with the whales.

While in other places the whales simply pass by, it is at Hervey bay where they stop to rest for a while on their long journey. This is the place where they are easily in their most relaxed mode. Playing and frolicking with their young and even coming up close to observe the number of people watching them. Often a sea vessel might pique these placid creatures curiosity and they may grace the spectators with a close view.

It is peak whale watching season at Hervey bay from July to November. There are whale sightings all the time and there is hardly any tour which wouldn’t boast a guaranteed whale sighting. The whales rest and play at the Fraser Island. They are completely tranquil and at peace here. It can be assumed that Hervey bay is the best place to observe the whales in all of Australia.

Types of Hervey bay whale watching tours

The following are some of the whale watching tours which you could choose from. Each of these tours vary in time duration and style. There is at least one of the tours which is well suited for you.

  • Half day tours are quite popular with people who are travelling with family. This is because the duration is just around three to four hours. These can either be taken during the morning or the evening based upon your personal choice.
  • Tours which span five to six hours. These tours may offer a swimming with the whales as well. However, it depends on how comfortable you are with the experience. If you want a close and personal experience with the whales these kind of tours are the best.

Normally all tours depart from the Urangan Boat Harbor. The whale watching season stretches from mid- July to November. While the whales arrive just as July starts, the tours normally begin in the middle of the month so as to allow the whales to settle down and become accustomed to the habitat. During late October the sightings become somewhat limited because the whales are ready to move ahead. The experts suggests that the best time to observe the whales is from August to September. Here the whales can be seen being playful with their calves and at their most relaxed mode.

For all those interested in seeing a hump back whale breaching right in front of their eyes, whale watching in Hervey Bay is the very best.